Free Paint!!

I think I’ve seen this making the rounds on a few different blogs. Most recently, I popped up in my reader via The Fourth Door (thanks Eva!).

Glidden is giving away a FREE QUART OF PAINT!!


I’ve spent the past 25 minutes trying to decide what color I want.

Do I want something to use as a test sample wall color?

Or should I get a fun accent color for a project that might only need a quart? Don’t have a project yet in mind but I’m sure something will come up!

Decisions. Decisions!

Why are you still reading this?

Go get your free paint!

*Offer is good through July 2, 2009 or while supplies last.

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3 Responses to Free Paint!!

  1. Georgia says:

    I did satin and regretted it. It just didn’t hold up as well as I hoped and there is something about brand new shiny wood floors that makes my heart go pitty patter. Actually, if I ever do it again, I will do an oil and wax.

  2. Lily says:

    They’re out of free paint. Now they’re offering $5 off coupon. It’s just not the same *sigh

  3. Eva says:

    Free stuff is my favorite!
    Booo to the $5 coupon now.

    I’m sure my track record of picking paint colors applied itself to this choice and the color I picked will be hideous. Fingers crossed its not.

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