Before the Poly

The stain went down after they finished day 2 of sanding (last Thursday).

It was the very last thing they did before leaving and they stained their way out of the house (top to bottom, back to front, right out the front door).

I stopped by after work to take a peak. Of course things were still drying, so I only peered in from the front door.


My very first peek at the color.

Stairs: Stain, no poly

More foyer

Looking from foyer, through living room, into dining room:
Looking into dining room

Hall to kitchen

More pics with the poly tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Before the Poly

  1. C says:

    Why did the floors look so dusty after the stain? We just had our floors stained with Minwax Early American and it didn’t look the same after so I’m just wondering. Your home is very similar to ours by the way! Same pine floors.

    • Brick City Love says:

      I’m not sure. They weren’t really dusty; dull might be a better description. The poly completely got rid of that though.

      Are you guys fixing up a house too? I’d love to see pics!

  2. C says:

    Yes we are! By dusty I meant what looks like a white film over the floors, I was just curious they look great. We really haven’t taken that many pics, but we took a video of the house during our walk through and will take one after. Check out the video below for a before/after of the dining room, its not completely done but close. Also below is a picture of our bedroom from yesterday after the stain with no poly (poly goes on today!) The darker floors are a big change from before and its something that is going to take us some time to get used to. We wanted to go with a clear coat and keep the natural pine color but after making some repairs the new wood didn’t match even though we ordered reclaimed white pine, its close to perfect with the stain though!

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