I <3 Mermaids

Saturday, I went over to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade. It’s one of my favorite things to do but haven’t been in six years. It was a gorgeous, almost hot, summer day.

Mermaid Parade

For those not in the know, the Mermaid Parade is the nation’s largest art parade. It’s like Halloween but in June and with glitter & sequins & 75% more boobs.

Fuck You BP, Save the Mermaids

Mermaid on Parade

Dia de los Muertos

cute kid mermaid

This float played “Under the Boardwalk“. Too cute.

Mermaid "Under the Boardwalk"


stilt walker

scary man mermaid

And just in case anyone forgot, there was a guy with a big sign reminding everyone that “Jesus Forgives Sin”.

devil mermaid

mermaid parade ends here

After the parade, the picture taking opportunities abounded on the boardwalk.


This guy may have been my favorite. LOVED his headdress and the body paint.

fabulous man in leopard print platforms

Even the kids loved it!
kid with mermaids

silk artist

I don’t know for certain but I’m guessing the aerialist was from Espana/Streb Trapeze Academy.

aerialist at mermaid parade

Even saw King Neptune himself, Lou Reed {albeit sans costume}.

Lou Reed

Then it was off to the sideshow!

Coney Island Sideshow

Freaks Alive Inside

They asked that no photos be taken during the show but I can guarantee you it was well worth the $10 {+ a few extra bucks to put in the hat at the end of the show}.

This Way to the Egress sign

Plus they sell beer.

Albino Python Coney Island Beer

And you can drink it during the show. Win.

coney island beer

Afterward I introduced myself to Donny Vomit {“Hi, I’m Carrie & I read your sister Kathleen’s blog.”}. I felt like a total dork/tourist but sucked it up and asked for a picture. Whatever. He was awesome and I do completely love his sister’s blog.

Donny Vomit

And ended the night with a ride on the Wonder Wheel.

Wonder Wheel at night

textures of the ferris wheel

It was a spectacular day and you should totally go next year.

More pictures linked over at the Coney Island Message Board.

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3 Responses to I <3 Mermaids

  1. Kathleen says:

    I LOVE the mermaid parade. I’ve never been in real life but I always die over the pictures. I have to make it up there one year when that is happening.

    I’m so glad you said hi to my brother and got a picture! This warms my heart.


  2. Whoa, looks like fun! Although, I don’t think I’ve ever seen nipple pasties worn in public before. 75% more boobs, indeed.

  3. Brandi says:

    These photos are just fantastic! I wish I had been around to see this. I’ve lived in NJ almost my entire life, spent 4 years living in NYC, and I’ve never been to Coney Island. It’s a sin, I think.

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