The New Medallion

I posted our closet after photos before the closet was completely done. It’s basically done but the light fixture an shoe organizer left a lot to be desired.

You can see the peek at our hanging single bulb in this shot –


Lets get a better shot of that classiness –


Oh! You want a closer look?! OK!


Lovely, isn’t it? Indeed.

But I think we can do better.

Enter, stage left, this stock medallion (painted semi-gloss white, same as trim) from the local orange big box store and some adhesive.

We have 5 other medallions throughout the house, so this seems to fit right in.


Take some of that adhesive and goop it on the back of the medallion. Center around the hole. Squish into place.


The directions suggest screwing it into the ceiling as well but I didn’t. Instead I replaced the old silver light fixture {painted white} and mounted it back in place.


The old mount actually overlaps the medallion and holds it to the ceiling.


Much better, right?


Now for my crowning find, the chandelier.


My dear friends Lyndsay & Luisa found it at Urban Outfitters {on clearance!} and knew I would love it! Have you my baby doll molds? Yeah. LOVE IT. And somehow fitting for the closet of my dreams.

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8 Responses to The New Medallion

  1. lighting gal says:

    I would like to have you come out and organize my closet, it looks great! Thanks for the photos and article, very helpful! lighting gal

  2. OK, even though doll molds freak me out, you are a genius. LOVE IT! We could have possibly been best friends in another life.

  3. KS says:

    Sweet! That’s genius! But how did you hang the chandelier from the old light? Hooks? Is it hanging from the light bulb?

  4. You could also hang it from the little screw holes in that white fixture, the ones that are meant to hold up a globe….that is crazy you found a chandy that looked like that! ha

    SO you.

  5. I was about to close this post after getting the medallion part, I was all, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ and then I hit the chandy.

    PERFECT. Love. Personality.


  6. KS says:

    Thanks for the details! It probably helps that it’s a compact fluorescent. It’d scare me to hang it from a clear decorative bulb. Our chandelier is a bit bigger and heavier, but this might work. Fingers crossed. Thanks! BTW, your chandelier rocks!

  7. It’s a little bit fun and a little bit fancy… I love it!

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