Caulk is My New BFF

Before owning a home, I was unaware of the happiness a little tube of caulk could bring. I’ll go so far as to admit I had NEVER caulked anything in my life. I was missing out.

Back when we were painting the master bedroom trim, I posted this picture.


I was so proud of how the trim was looking until I actually looked at the picture. That gap between the electric & mantle was all I fixated on. It must be fixed before painting.

Using a tip found on Young House Love, I taped around the edges with painters tape. It worked really well!!



Before & After
pre-caulk post caulk

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3 Responses to Caulk is My New BFF

  1. Kim says:

    Good work.

    I’ll admit it. Hubby does all the caulking. It really hurts my hand when I try to do it. I’m a weakling, apparantly. =)

  2. townhouselady says:

    Caulk is good!

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