Finally Clean

Last Saturday, the Family Team cleaned our house top to bottom.


We vacuumed, scrubbed, then mopped every square inch of our 1600 sqft abode. It was truly a team effort.

{The camera also got stranded here on the 3rd floor, so iPhone pics will have to suffice.}

There was floor refinishing dust settled in nooks & crannies, not to mention the moldings & trim.

parlor moldings

{Right before being scrubbed down. This is begging for some teenager to scrawl “Clean Me” in the dust.}

Mom A cleaning

It’s amazing what a shop vac, Mr. Clean & some rags can do to a place.

Cleaning the stairs

We even did the medallions & chandeliers. I’m not sure the light fixtures have ever been cleaned.

cleaning the medallions

It’s amazing what some hardcore cleaning will do to your outlook & mood.

Rob on stairs

Since our marathon cleaning spree, we feel lighter. The cloud of dust hanging ominously over our progress has been replaced with a more optimistic and cheery spirit. It’s no longer overwhelming to be there. I can ~ literally ~ breathe easier. The phlegmy cough that reverberated in my lungs is disappearing. We’re happier and back in love with the house. It’s an amazing, amazing transformation ~ and possibly the cheapest.

Plus – NOW WE CAN PAINT!!!! Huzzah!

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3 Responses to Finally Clean

  1. Kim says:

    Love this post. I felt the EXACT same way when we cleaned the house after months of renovations. It’s just hard to feel enthused when there is so much grime. Yay!

  2. caitie says:

    yay! so excited for paint. choosing/executing wall colors is such an incredible step towards making a house your own.

    ps loved going away to disney for 3 days with no computer and getting back to so many posts!

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