Floor Prep

The floor refinishers started bright & early this morning but yesterday evening was spent prepping for their arrival.

Sure we spent almost all day Saturday tearing up carpet & flooring. And yes, we had all the trash hauled away Monday. So it seemed like Saturday should just be a quick little walk through to make sure everything was good to go.

Not quite.

*Note, you should know we are dog sitting for my parents, so there are a couple new furry faces in these pics. Meet Jovi (in blue) & Phoebe (red):

They appreciated our window being so low to the ground with a perfect view of the sidewalk.

Bruce didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.


The view was so yesterday’s news for him.

Meanwhile, I removed the pocket doors.


(yes, by myself)


I noticed that the doors have these roller things on the bottom of them.


The previous owner took the track up when he laid the laminate and said it was tucked inside the pocket. I didn’t look for it but perhaps it’ll shed some light on how the rollers work.

Taking the doors out wasn’t hard.

I pulled them completely out of the pocket.

Then pulled the bottom of the door toward the back wall, stood inside the window, & pushed the bottom away a little more. It slipped out of the top track pretty easy. Obviously I had my hands full, otherwise I would have taken a picture.



Then it was on to the scary closet.

scary closet

The flash doesn’t make it seem as scary, but I assure you it was.

Historically, I have had VERY bad luck with rodents & fabric. It’s a long story, perhaps for a post this afternoon or evening. The giant drop cloth wadded up, forgotten in an old closet seemed like the perfect place for something awful to hide.

It wasn’t so scary afterward.

In the closet, I found mostly junk. Old paint, just in case we ever needed to touch up that wonderful red paint:

But I did find a brand new paint pole:

With the price tag still on it:


I moved that and all our tools leftover from Saturday down to the basement so they were out of the way.

Bruce & Jovi liked the open window,

but poor Phoebe was not feelin’ the stairs.

We worked on “Sit” & “Stay” so I could take some dog-free “Before” pics.
Sit & Stay


It kinda worked.



DSC_0487 🙂

All ready!!

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10 Responses to Floor Prep

  1. Dad "A" says:

    Looking forward to seeing the floors once they’re finished. Nice to see Bruce, Jovi and Pheobe are all well and (hopefully) getting along OK. Has Pheobe figured out that she doesn’t “rule the roost” in Newark?

  2. MEA says:

    PUPPYS! i love the reno pics with them in it. I think its shows what a normal persons life is like doing a renovation. Especially ones who have dogs that LOVE to be at foot.

  3. caitlin says:

    Love the dogs:)

  4. Quinn says:

    I am a Jersey girl – Bruce? Jovi?

    • Yup! As in Springsteen & Bon. Jovi used to be our dog but she’s BFF with my parents dog Phoebe and they don’t like to be separated. We also have a robot vacuum cleaner named Francis Albert; as in Sinatra.

      We’re just 2 kids from jersey. 🙂

  5. Great pics.

    I had the same thought as Quinn regarding the names Bruce and Jovi. Is there a Jersey connection to the name Phoebe as well? Also, what breed are they?

    • There’s not a jersey connection with that one. Phoebe Ann (her full name) is actually a family name and my moms into genealogy. They’re cockapoos (or simply adorable mutts, if you’re not into the thinking that’s an actual breed). They’re all half cocker spaniel, half poodle.

  6. Kim says:

    Ick…. scary closets are the worst. I’m so happy you didn’t have any rodent surprises. I love the pic of the doggies in the window. Ours love our low windows, too… so they can keep an eye (and a bark) on all passerbys. =)

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