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Almost Before

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the work that’s happening in the garden apartment but not many pictures. That changes today, my friend. This garden apartment has been a year+ in the works. Thought it could get rented … Continue reading

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Under Construction

Things are happening behind the scenes, so things might look a little wonky on the site for a bit. Thanks for your patience!

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Hey! Remember When??

I’m up to my ovaries in painting projects. And I hate painting. Like really {REALLY!} hate painting. To console myself, I find this picture sometimes randomly pops up {or maybe I go looking for it… either way…}. Do you remember … Continue reading

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One Succulent Party

Curious why my dining room table was in the living room? I threw a surprise bridal shower for a friend. And no, I did not iron the drop cloth tablecloth. Her colors were a pear green and latte. The succulents – purchased … Continue reading

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Multifunction Dog Toys

What do you do when you’re all alone and you need to move the dining room table back into the dining room and don’t want to scratch your floors? Why you use your dog’s toys, of course!! {“Why was it … Continue reading

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Around the Internet

As I browse around the internet, I sometimes open things I really like or want to come back to in another tab. But then I can’t close the tab – because I want to come back to it or I … Continue reading

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