Multifunction Dog Toys

What do you do when you’re all alone and you need to move the dining room table back into the dining room and don’t want to scratch your floors?

Why you use your dog’s toys, of course!!

{“Why was it in the living room in the first place?” you ask. More on that tomorrow.}

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4 Responses to Multifunction Dog Toys

  1. Is there a picture of the sad little doggie face that probably went with this? 🙂

  2. So you moved the table out on the toys? Brilliant.

    I seriously am curious about this!

  3. I love it!

    I, too, have played a Single Handed Furniture Ninja. I once moved three couches and two beds with only a box of baking soda, two pillowcases, and a bottle of wine.

    Ahhh, the good old days of being single…


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