The List that Never Ends

12:47am: Time to call it a night.

The back door for the garden unit is finally hung but still not done. Every time I cross something off my list, I notice 2 more things that need to be added.

For example:

  • Replace electric outlets


  • Buy 4 outlet box cover
  • Figure out why the switch that was working isn’t anymore
  • Buy unbreakable 4 outlet box cover
  • Decode wiring for GFCI outlet (because the old one was wired SO wrong)
  • Figure out how to install outlet in a broken box (part where you screw it in is broken)
  • Install all new covers

I’m just now noticing the splotches of blood, dirt, and 3 different kinds of caulk smeared all over my jeans. Before today, these were normal, go-out-with-friends, wear-to-work-on-Fridays jeans. Not anymore. Unless I can get the blood out.

Managed to cut the same finger twice today. I’m not usually that clumsy but “haste makes wastes”, as my grandmother would say. Knocked a glass off the counter with my elbow while cleaning my caulk smearing tool.

It shattered.

I added “clean up glass” to my to do list.

While I was cleaning up the glass, I had to add:

  • Put on shoes
  • Find vacuum cleaner
  • Be more careful picking up chunks of glass
  • Clean up blood
  • Use vacuum cleaner
  • Don’t drip blood on pants. Too late.

Bloody finger

My current feelings about this darling garden unit are probably best summed up by an annoying sheep puppet –


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3 Responses to The List that Never Ends

  1. Deb says:

    You poor thing 😦 I say find a tenant that is will to do the rest of the work you need done in exchange for free rent for a month. Try to have a good weekend 🙂

  2. katie says:

    we’ve all been there, i think it’s just one of the joys of renovating… take a break for a day or two, it sounds like you need it 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    Our almost 3 year old crawled in my lap to watch the video–i had forgotten all about that song…hope this week goes better!

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