Trim Tip

While painting 128 ft of baseboard + 24ft of door trim, I quickly realized that it was best if things touched the sawhorses as little as possible.

Hammering in a couple nails on each end jacked the trim up, so the paint didn’t pool around the edges. The holes were on the back; never to be seen after installation.



A couple screws worked even better.

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5 Responses to Trim Tip

  1. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I’m forwarding the link to my husband- we’ve got some trim to paint.

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  3. Quinn says:


  4. KML says:

    Nice results getting the trim off the sawhorse – great idea! Makes painting a lot easier…

  5. This is seriously an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing. I always end up with screw ups because of the sawhorses.

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