Tile or Surround??

Monday we continued the search for basement floor and bathroom materials. We have the basement bathroom floor figured out (thanks to the awesome FREE tiles from Dad #2) but are still discussing what to do with the shower walls and the floor in the main living area.

We went to Family Tile and Home Depot (both here in Newark. Family Tile had an impressive selection of glass tile, which we really liked but not for a bathroom we’re not living in. I think we’ll go back when it’s time to do a kitchen backsplash or bathroom that we’re actually using. None of their $0.99 sqft tile matched our free tile, so it was off to Home Depot.

We found another stock vanity that we like better than the one at Lowes.

I like how the doors go all the way up (the other one didn’t) but more importantly it’s only $74.


If you’re a math whiz like me, you know $74 is better than $98. Add that $24 back to the budget. Woot!

We also found this light 2-pack:

They’re basic and inoffensive. I was thinking one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen.
And 2 for $15.97 works well with ye-old-budget. The bathroom doesn’t have a window though, so we might need something that vents. Maybe?

Shower: Tile or Surround?
We’re not sure where the access to the shower plumbing is. If we have to go in through wall, a plastic shower surround would be easier to pop off than tile, if (God forbid) we have to fix something.

According to our blueprints, the tub is an odd size and the surrounds we found were too short. Of course, there’s a very real chance the blueprints aren’t 100% accurate. We will remeasure before making any final decisions.

If we tile, I’m liking basic white. Home Depot had a good selection that were within budget. (I was originally thinking subway tile but they’re seem to be more expensive that the basic square stuff.)

The cheapest basic white at Home Depot is the 12×12″ at $1.09/sqft.

We’re doing 13×13″ on the floor, so they’ll look about the same size visually. But because they’re different colors, I’m concerened that it’ll look weird.

For $1.28/sqft, we can go with the 4.25″ x 4.25″ white ceramic.

They’re a little bigger than you see in traditional bathrooms, which I like. The price is within budget, so they may be just the ticket.

I don’t think we’ll get fancy and do a decorative border but I am toying with the idea of laying them on the diagonal.
Or maybe lay the floor on the diagonal and the shower horizontal? I think having both the floor and the shower on the diagonal might be a much. Do you??

I’m also browsing Craigslist for tiles deals too. If you see any listings – or want to suggest a place to check out – around the greater Newark area, send the link my way. The price to beat is currently $1.28/sqft.

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6 Responses to Tile or Surround??

  1. Lily says:

    Jesus H, your bathroom tile options are giving me a headache. I admire your ability to care. If I was faced with all those tile options, I’d probably just close my eyes and point.

    But then again, my motto is “Half-assed is good enough”

  2. Kim says:

    Great deal on the vanity. I like it better, too.

    I would probably lean towards the surround, if its in the budget. I think they are a lot easier to install and to take off, if needed. They look nice and are easy to clean, too.

    Your free tile works. Have you tried your local freecycle?

  3. caitie says:

    reading this blog caters immensely to my sick obsession with budgeting and saving money.

    thank you for nickel and diming! it’s so smart and so much fun to read about!


    ps. i agree. diagonal everywhere is prob too much.

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  5. thefourthdoor says:

    Bathroom surrounds are awesome for a quick re-do! We’re a big fan of them in our college rental because its one less thing to break and cause major leaks. Caulk lines between the shower walls and tubs will eventually rot and wear down. Plus, it took a few hours for the Husband to install vs. the few days he spent tiling our home shower.

    The basement floor… I would paint it. Its the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to updating the look of the basement. Not permanent, so if you ever feel like customizing the basement for your tastes you aren’t stuck with having to tear apart past hard work. Maybe its because I’ve spent a lot of hours pulling up horrid old vinyl flooring ( including two that were wood and three patterned carpet styles) that seeing it makes me shudder. If you do choose to lay vinyl down, its usually pretty easy. Just be sure to have a sharp blade in your knife!

  6. Tucker says:

    Thaank you for this

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