Amber Lion Antiques

Amber Lion Antiques was one of my favorite antique shops in college. It’s small but I could browse for over an hour.

Amber Lion Antiques

There’s a lot to look at but it’s not super cluttered; neatly organized but layered. I purchased my Sputnik lamp & set of mulberry china here. I was in the neighborhood today & decided to stop by after work.


Prices are ok; some things are a completely reasonable, some are priced kinda high. Of course I’m no antique guru, so maybe I’m just naive. Generally speaking, the furniture is a little out of my price range but sometimes I find the perfect item, priced right, just waiting for me.

I loved this teal lamp. For $55, it seemed fairly priced but then I saw it read “As Is”. If I didn’t have so many projects on my plate, I might have taken the time to rewire it. It had two bulb sockets that rotated on a ball joint & would look fabulous with a good size white drum shade.

Rad lamp

You’re looking for a wicker coffin??? You’re in luck.

Wicker coffin

This vintage marble lamp is HUGE!!! Seriously must be 4′ high. Too big for our place but would look totally rad in the right proportioned room.

Ginormous marble lamp

I didn’t think the $185 price tag was ridiculously unreasonable, considering the size.

Lamp tag

This yellow pendent lamp reminded me of one I saw over at The Brick House.

Yellow lamp

If we had a place, this display case would have been wrangled home some how.

Display case

I LOVED the lines, the glass top and it was less than $200. Almost reason enough to open my own shop.

Display case 1

This vintage fan was peeking out from the back room. I’m on the hunt for a vintage fan but theirs were all priced higher than I want to pay.

Vintage fan

And, finally, this dress form. I’ve been passively keeping an eye out for a vintage dress form like this & really dug her realistic shape.

Dress form

If you’re in New Brunswick, NJ with an hour to kill, swing through Amber Lion Antiques. You won’t find a steal like on Craigslist or yard sales but they have decent stuff at competitive prices. {They’ll also negotiate a little with the prices if you ask.}

Amber Lion Antiques
356 George St.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 214-9090

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3 Responses to Amber Lion Antiques

  1. Wow. That shop might be small like you said… but it’s seriously amazing. I went to a flea market the other day and same story – beautiful, beautiful stuff but a little pricey. I guess it’s good. Our apartment here in Berlin is a bit tight already.

  2. Lily says:

    Aah, the Bruns. Did you get a fat sandwich while you were there?

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