We Bought A House!!!

Welcome to Brick City Love!

We’re a couple of twenty-somethings starting a new chapter in this awesome city called Newark.

This is us and our new house:
Us & Our House

We’ve lived in Newark (aka: Brick City) for 3 years and have seen it change so much in that short time. We’re excited to start putting down roots and already made friends in the neighborhood. Which is good because our new home needs a lot of love. Check out these colors!
Living Room
(this isn’t our stuff, by the way)

Dining Room

Can you say Painting Party?? And that’s just the first floor!

Although to be honest, painting is the least of our worries. The kitchen needs to be completely redone.

One bathroom has a great claw foot tub but is covered in awful wallpaper.
2nd Floor Bathroom Before
Ok…. I’ve seen worse but, in person, it’s pretty bad.

The second bathroom has carpet! And it’s super gross.
3rd floor bathroom

The house has hardwood floors throughout! Of course they’re covered with carpet, paint and need to be completely redone.
Front Hall Floor
Refinishing them is at the TOP of our priority list.

The retaining wall in the backyard is starting to give-way.
Failing Backyard Retaining Wall

We’ve got some structural issues to deal with; the back soffit is rotted, doors need to be replaced, the front porch drains TOWARD the house (instead of away), and a myriad of smaller projects.

Yeah. It needs work. Ok, a LOT of work. But look at the ceilings!
Living room

The moldings!
1st floor crown molding

Ceiling medallions!
Medallion, front hall
1st floor, living room ceiling medallion
Medallion, 2nd floor front room

The (not-yet-working) pocket doors!!
Pocket Doors
Pocket doors, looking into kitchen/dining room

6 (will-never-work) fireplaces!!!
Fireplace, 1st floor, living room
Fireplace, 1st floor, dining room
Fireplace, 2nd floor, front room
(we found the missing center piece in the backyard still intact!)
Fireplace, 2nd floor, back room
Fireplace, 3rd floor, back room
Ok; that last one doesn’t quite measure up with the other 4 but at least it’s something.
(+1 more fireplace that’s not-yet-pictured)

Swoon. Oh the potential.

We’re so excited to get started and plan on chronicling the process here, at Brick City Love. We hope you’ll join us!!

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8 Responses to We Bought A House!!!

  1. Beverly says:

    Congratulations on the house! It looks amazing and has sooooo much potential!!! Can’t wait to see what y’all do with it!

  2. Kim says:

    It’s amazing. I’m totally drooling right now. Six fireplaces? You must be kidding. Those ceilings…. that tub…. the woodwork

    Would it be wierd if I quit my job and took a sabbatical to your neighborhood to help? Do you think my husband would care?

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  4. Eric says:

    wow I never saw pics of your house when you guys first bought it looks like you definitely purchased a pretty solid house with a lot of potential, and SIX fireplaces?! Insane.

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  6. Miss Em says:

    Um, just found your blog and will be following. The architecture in your home is something my 1950 cape (and I) can only dream of! I’m off to see what you’ve done so far!


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