Kitchen Cabinet

Yes, singular cabinet.

The garden apartment kitchen is only 10′ long. We’ve got to fit a fridge & 24″ stove plus 2 base cabinets along the one wall.

I came across 6′ of cabinets for FREE on craigslist back in June (I think?).

free cabinets

They’re nice plywood cabinets but a little worn. The uppers are too tall to be usable. Both base cabinets are 36″ long. When you add that to the 24″ stove and 29″ fridge, we come up about 4″ too long. Wah-waaaa.

Never fear. One will stay fully intact. The other base cabinet is going to get cut down in length & width to fit in between the front door & stove. (It’ll make more sense when it’s all in place.)

To freshen things up, we are painting them white.


During our last Work Weekend, our good friend Erin helped us get a couple coats of primer on the one we don’t have to cut to fit. (Among other things she did that I forgot to photograph.)


I need to cut some luan to fit inside that will cover the holes from it’s previous life. They prime the inside again. It would’ve been smarter to do that in the beginning but I forgot.


Everything will get a nice coat of semi-gloss white to finish it off.


Thanks Erin!!

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2 Responses to Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Kim says:

    Awesome! That will look great. And the price was definitely right! YAY!

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