4th Bedroom Revealed

Until Tuesday, the 4th bedroom was mostly a mystery. When we first looked at the house, the room was locked and we weren’t allowed in it. We were told the 2nd & 3rd floors were the same layout, so seeing the front room on the 2nd floor was just like seeing the front room on the 3rd floor.

This is as far as we got.

In fact, we put an offer on the house without ever seeing the 4th bedroom. The 4th bedroom was that of the current tenant* and the previous owner didn’t want to disturb her. So much so that it wasn’t until the inspection that we were actually allowed into the mysterious 4th bedroom. Kinda weird, right?! We thought so too.

C’est la vie. All’s well that ends well. It is what it is. {Insert whatever other corny phrase you can think of here.}

While we closed May 29th, our tenant didn’t move out until June 16th. She needed more time and we were starting renovations in the basement garden apartment anyway.

This week we finally got all her stuff out and were able to take some real “Before” pics.

From the hall entrance:
master: view from entry

master: facing street w/ flash

master: stage-right, house left wall

Before continuing to the back wall of the room, lets take a quick detour into the closet (the doorway without a door).

Is that another door I see?? Why yes. Yes it is.

Remember the view from the hall??
This is what the door at the very end of the hall looks like from the opposite side.

What is up with all the gross carpet!?
Disgusting Carpet

Facing the opposite direction:

Closet: from back wall facing street

Ok. Back to the bedroom.

Closet, looking into room

You leave the closet and see:

From closet looking into room

To your left:

master: facing back of house

Have you counted the number of doorways in this room?? That’d be 5, granted one of them is a closet and another doesn’t have a door; but that’s still 5 separate doorways. I feel like that’s a lot for 1 bedroom.

Master with doors open

While you’re looking at this wall… I’m thinking about tearing it down and starting over. Perhaps closets for the other room on the back of it but add about 2′ to this bedroom. We don’t really need closets there for this bedroom (since we have what will become a walk-in closet). We’ll see. I haven’t sketched anything out yet. And when I briefly mentioned knocking out another wall, the hubs asked “when are we going to just respect the architecture of the building?” I’m not sure he thinks living in dust and chaos is as much fun as I do.

But here’s the mystery room!!  TA-DA!!!!!

I finally have a picture of our 6th mantel.


*For the record, we really did like our tenant. Yeah, it was kinda weird buying a house with someone living in it and only seeing this room once before now. But she’s really nice and normal. Luckily she only moved 2 doors down, so maybe we can hang out sometime.

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3 Responses to 4th Bedroom Revealed

  1. Corey says:

    Looks pretty good – loving all the architectural details.

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  3. I’m jealous. All of our mantels were removed some time back in the 60’s (so the previous owner told us). Major Bummer.

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