We Started Packing

With 4 weeks until the big move, we thought we better make the most of our weeknights in the apartment.

Rob’s job moved and were throwing a bunch of the banker boxes out so we nabbed a few. And by “few” I mean 25.

This evening we filled 8 of them with DVDs.


Yup. EIGHT bankers boxes completely full of DVDs. We’d open a blockbuster if the business model wasn’t so 1991.

We’re going to need more boxes.

My packing method is relatively simple.

  • What’s in the box is listed on the left
  • Where the box goes in the house is listed in the upper right

I also thought about numbering each box and keeping an excel sheet sheet with a precise inventory of what’s in each box. So if I ever need anything, I can check the spreadsheet & know what box it’s in. (I think I read this somewhere.) Anyone ever done this? Worth the time? Waste of time?

Got any packing &/or moving tips? I’d love to hear them! I hate moving.

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7 Responses to We Started Packing

  1. Dad "A" says:

    Lets see… 8 for DVDs, another 8 for CD’s, 5 for Doll molds. That leaves 4 for the rest of the house! I think you’ll need more boxes, sweetheart! 🙂
    See you tonight!

  2. caitie says:

    i have an idea. everything’s already gonna be packed up and ready to move- so you should just abandon newark and all your hard work, (not to mention jobs), take advantage of your stuff being packed up- and move HERE! it’d seriously be easier than it sounds 😉

  3. caitie says:

    sorry, was that not the type of moving tip you were asking for…?

  4. Kim says:

    I wish I were organized about moving. We moved things over slowly, so NOTHING was organized. When we did our yard sale, we were finding things we forgot we had. That’s supposed to happen after 20 years, not 2 years. Sickening.

    I would have loved to have a spreadsheet. Because I could not find my favorite Christmas ornament this year, and that would have helped. (Of course, finding it in the Halloween box seemed counterintuitive.)

  5. Kim says:

    ps. I laughed out loud at the blockbuster reference. You are hilarious. Do you know how many DVDs we have? 10

  6. Ninapilar says:

    The small boxes are a good choice. I also suggest those large plastic bins (with wheels), especially for clothes. Whatever you do…LEAVE THE CLOTHES ON THE HANGERS!!!! You won’t regret this. You will regret taking them off the hangers if you have alot of clothes.

    Spreadsheets? I never did that but I also spent countless bits of time opening and closing boxes, having not enough short term memory to remember what was where.


  7. Beverly says:

    When we moved, I labeled boxes only by room, but did not write down what was in them. Honestly, this worked out fine for us because we knew that certain rooms were a higher priority than others (specifically the kitchen, master bdrm, master bthrm). We had 1 box with a set of sheets, a couple changes of clothes, toiletries, etc., just in case we couldn’t find them in the masses.

    It’s definitely best to use smaller boxes. We used lots of Office Depot letter and legal size paper boxes, and they were perfect. We especially loved the “slip on” lids (like on your bankers boxes), as opposed to taping lots of boxes shut.

    I agree with the previous commenter that said not to take clothes off the hangers. We took some off and left some on and it was a pain putting them all back together!! We also used up way more boxes with folded clothes than was necessary. I am anti-buying new boxes, but I think it’s a good idea to buy a couple of those tall boxes with the rod through them, that are made for hanging clothes. SO convenient!!

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