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Kitchen: Speaking Up About Laying Pipe

Fire be damned! The kitchen must move forward!! CHARGE!!!!!!!!! The tricky part about this kitchen renovation is juggling between the past and present. The project started in 2012 but here we are in 2014 and it’s still ongoing. I’m left … Continue reading

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Grateful for Brick Walls

Today you are supposed to open your readers to dizzying parts progress and smack-talk related to the ongoing saga that is my kitchen renovation. Unfortunately, I have none of that for you today. The past 2 weeks, I have been … Continue reading

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Kitchen: To Do

That’s not fear it my eyes, Sarah. It’s the realization that you are the hare and I am the tortoise. And we both know how that competition ends. Enjoy your head start. In the ongoing saga that is my kitchen … Continue reading

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Kick in the Pants

2014 has brought a renewed desire to blog. The past few years that desired waned and things were pretty quiet around here. Life happens. I at least try to keep up with my favorite bloggers. It’s fun to stay current … Continue reading

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Kitchen: The Plan

I realize I’ve never actually showed you guys the plan for my kitchen. I never really wrote it down. It’s just floated around in my head I suppose this is a good thing because, as the renovation has progressed, there’s … Continue reading

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Who Needs Running Water, Anyway?

Lets just start with the obvious. I didn’t host Thanksgiving. I planned to. I really wanted to. I posted about it. It didn’t happen. I thought maybe I’d have everything done by Christmas. Or maybe, at the very least, have … Continue reading

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Beauty Pics are Lies

Lest anyone think the beauty shots you’ll find on this website are an accurate depiction on my actual existence – I’m here to assure you, they’re not. Not at the moment, at least. Those days seem like a lifetime ago. … Continue reading

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Good Enough For Court

This was supposed to be a post all about sand blasting but that’s not quite ready for prime time yet. It was a big job and something worth sharing but I want to do it right with all the details. … Continue reading

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Stoop Update

So April & May happened and now it’s June. HI!! The problem with taking long breaks between posts is there seems like an insurmountable amount of info to share. Things may have been quiet on the blog but they certainly … Continue reading

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Foam Party

Phew! I was a little worried about how my choice to replace the rotten wood arch with foam would go over but y’all are an understanding bunch. I honestly think it’s the best choice for this project and I had … Continue reading

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