Who Needs Running Water, Anyway?

Lets just start with the obvious.

I didn’t host Thanksgiving.

I planned to.

I really wanted to.

I posted about it.

It didn’t happen.

I thought maybe I’d have everything done by Christmas. Or maybe, at the very least, have running water and therefore be able to host things pot luck style. Nope. That didn’t happen either.

And it’s not because things aren’t getting done. This house has been a project since 2009. You would think that, by now, I’d be a little better at estimating how long things take. Notsomuch.

Surprisingly, I’m very much at peace with how things are going and the progress that is being made. Every week another little thing gets check off the list. The list appears to keep growing. But at least it’s moving in the right direction – forward.

Looking through my past few posts, I realize that I’ve been woefully neglectful keeping this blog updated.

Lots to tell you.

Lots to tell you.

Lets get started.

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1 Response to Who Needs Running Water, Anyway?

  1. Yay! Posts! Who needs water? Not me! Trying to convince Wendy we don’t need water so we can buy that super cool old house out in the country.

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