Beauty Pics are Lies

Lest anyone think the beauty shots you’ll find on this website are an accurate depiction on my actual existence –

Oct. 3, 2013

I’m here to assure you, they’re not.

Not at the moment, at least. Those days seem like a lifetime ago.

Today, things are looking worse than they’ve ever looked (which is saying something). 9 months working on the stoop meant tools, supplies, and general falderal got shoved somewhere on the first floor. As long as the front door closed & locked, I managed to tune out the chaos and ignore the accumulating avalanche of crap that lurked just beyond the threshold.

Also, I don’t have anyone over except family & close friends. Stoop parties and truck bed picnics replaced gatherings that normally happen inside, around a dining table. Deep, calming breaths and a mantra of, “this is only temporary” have sustained my sanity for the better part of 2013.

Until this week.

This week the avalanche cracked and is threatening to bury my sanity under a massive current of paper, paint cans, ladders, and debris.

The pitbull puppy is eating & chewing on everything in sight. I returned from a college fair last night to find him excited to show me his new skill – BOUNDING ONTO WHAT SHOULD BE THE DINING ROOM TABLE. I immediately called my parents to borrow a dog crate. Should have picked it up days ago.

I’m hosting Thanksgiving.

Yah… Remember that part about no kitchen??

Not only am I hosting Thanksgiving, I’m hosting my best friend and her family (including the most precious 9mo old you’ve ever seen) the weekend before.

This, surprisingly, is very motivating. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I’m actually a little excited about a 6 weekend deadline. (Holy crap! 6 weekends!!)

So there’s where things are in the great Brick City.
Accidental pit bull puppy.

Happy Fall.

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5 Responses to Beauty Pics are Lies

  1. TEM says:

    Woohoo! I work best under pressure and with a deadline too (which is why I’ve been painting two bookcases for the better part of two months and haven’t updated my blog in far longer :-P)

    Can’t wait to see what you get accomplished! 😀

  2. guada says:

    Good for you! I’d probably were overwhelmed. But I would have been overwhelmed by what you did on your facade!
    Can’t wait to hear from you again!

  3. Yikes, good luck to you! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  4. Good luck and make sure you let us see the product!

  5. Love it – this is how it can be!

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