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Grateful for Brick Walls

Today you are supposed to open your readers to dizzying parts progress and smack-talk related to the ongoing saga that is my kitchen renovation. Unfortunately, I have none of that for you today. The past 2 weeks, I have been … Continue reading

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Kitchen: To Do

That’s not fear it my eyes, Sarah. It’s the realization that you are the hare and I am the tortoise. And we both know how that competition ends. Enjoy your head start. In the ongoing saga that is my kitchen … Continue reading

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Kick in the Pants

2014 has brought a renewed desire to blog. The past few years that desired waned and things were pretty quiet around here. Life happens. I at least try to keep up with my favorite bloggers. It’s fun to stay current … Continue reading

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Kitchen: The Plan

I realize I’ve never actually showed you guys the plan for my kitchen. I never really wrote it down. It’s just floated around in my head I suppose this is a good thing because, as the renovation has progressed, there’s … Continue reading

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Who Needs Running Water, Anyway?

Lets just start with the obvious. I didn’t host Thanksgiving. I planned to. I really wanted to. I posted about it. It didn’t happen. I thought maybe I’d have everything done by Christmas. Or maybe, at the very least, have … Continue reading

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