Kitchen: To Do


That’s not fear it my eyes, Sarah. It’s the realization that you are the hare and I am the tortoise. And we both know how that competition ends. Enjoy your head start.

In the ongoing saga that is my kitchen renovation, it may be helpful to bring you up to speed about what’s already been done and what is still left to do. Lets make a list.

The past (almost) 2 years sometimes feel like I’ve come so far and yet aren’t even close to the finish. Writing this list mad me realize that’s probably a pretty accurate feeling but mostly because what’s left is finish work that takes exponentially longer per task (compared to say – demo or sealing the brick).

Already Done:
Buy new appliances
Clean & seal the brick
Plan new electric
Install new electric
Install can lights
Run water to the back yard for outdoor spigot
Have waste pipe moved over
Install new flooring
Refinish floors to match existing floor
Box in plumbing chase
Mortar in new bricks
Build fridge box
Fix walls & ceiling
Prime room
Paint room
Install nook cabinetry
Install main wall base cab
Create dishwasher cab

Left To Do:
Build sink cabinet
Finish buying IKEA cabinets
Install 36″ base cab
Install 36″ upper cab
Pick soapstone
Have counters templated
Fix & reinstall top part of fridge wall
Install shelf in ladder nook
Build out cab above fridge
Install ply on ceiling of main wall
Prime & paint cabinets
Finish 24″ nook upper install
Build soffit cabs
Prime & paint soffit cabs
Install soffit cabs
Install cover panel to soffit cabs
Install 15″ upper
Drywall blind
Mud, sand, prime & paint blind
Install 24″ upper cab in blind
Counters installed
Install faucet & appliances
Install range hood
Install rail rack shelf

Other Stuff To Do in Room
Stain & finish windows
Build out pantry
Design & build island
Buy parts & build chandelier

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m currently in India on a business trip. That’s made kitchen progress pretty slow this past week. Lucky for you, you still think the kitchen looks like this –


That photo was taken back in May of 2012. Through the magic of the Internet and working on it for the past year & a bunch, I’m excited to tell you that the kitchen now looks like this –








BOOM!!! Overnight success!

I may not have running water yet but I got some cabinets & paint.

Take that, Ug-Duck!!!!

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3 Responses to Kitchen: To Do

  1. kmliving says:

    Magical transformation…. but a LONG WAY to go. Still – lots closer than that awful gold and red pix of the original kitchen. The uncovered brick looks fab!

  2. BOOM, you really showed me this week! And from India, no less! You’re going to kick my ass by the end for the brick wall alone.

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