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I had hoped the stoop project would be relatively simple. Scrape, maybe a little sanding, repaint, and be done with it. NotSoMuch. That was wishful, wishful thinking. But hey; a girl can dream. The arched top of the woodwork didn’t … Continue reading

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So, The Stoop

Just a note – I might not post on a particular schedule, but I promise I’m back. No more giant spans of time missing from action around these parts! As I mentioned last week, I’m shifting priorities to the front … Continue reading

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On 2012 & The House’s Post Break-Up Haircut

2012 was a difficult year. Most of 2010 & 2011 weren’t exactly a walk in the park but I still made half an attempt at blogging. But 2012… 2012 was different. 2012 was coming to terms with the finality of … Continue reading

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It’s Electric

The electric in the kitchen/dining room has been, well, a larger project than I expected. Going into this kitchen project, I knew there would be some electrical work to do but I completely underestimated just how much it would be. … Continue reading

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Exposing Brick

Before demoing, you never really know what you’ll find. Will you uncover a giant headache or complete awesomeness? This house tends to favor the “giant headache” side of those odds but that’s probably pretty typical for a house pushing 130ish … Continue reading

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Because Somebody Cares

One of the main impetus for putting in a spigot out front was my stoop. Come the spring & summer, I enjoy sprucing up the stoop with flowers. It all started in 2010 when my mom decided the large planter … Continue reading

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The Pipe is Gone

After posting about the annoying discovery of the T that was in the way, you all confirmed what I already knew in my gut. The pipe had to go. $500 isn’t a ridiculous amount in the grand scheme of things. … Continue reading

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Stupid Pipe

Before demo, I knew there was a pipe in the back right corner of my kitchen. There was a little hole in the drywall of the useless nook that was previously here and I could see it running vertically up … Continue reading

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So I took a trip over to the stone yard to finalize my soapstone plans this past weekend and walked out empty-handed. They accidentally got some slate mixed in with a shipment of soapstone from India and are selling it for … Continue reading

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On Breaking & Entering, Theft, & Vandalism

They say one of the fastest ways to blow your budget & timeline in a renovation is to change the design midstream. I would say those people would be correct. At least when it comes to the timeline part. This … Continue reading

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