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Making it Better

I’d like this blog to be more user-friendly. Make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for and give newcomers a quick gist of what they’ll find. On the right nav bar, I’ve started linking to some of my more popular … Continue reading

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K’Nex Fail

A while back I talked about mocking up my own version of Lindsey Adelman’s DIY chandelier out of K’Nex before laying out cash for all the little bits & parts. A prototype, if you will. It seemed like a really … Continue reading

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On Re-Nest!

Last week was crazy busy for me at work so it was only recently I noticed a lot of hits coming from one particular site – Re-Nest! Which is awesome because I love that blog. So many great ideas for … Continue reading

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Garden: Week 4

Week 4 of the garden is bringing a tad more confidence. Things are still growing and I haven’t managed to kill any more little seedlings. Of course that possibility still lingers but luckily things are looking a bit hardier. Thyme … Continue reading

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Ode to Convertibles

I’ll just come right out and say it – When it comes to renovations and DIYing, convertibles are second only to pick-up trucks. SUVs might seem like the obvious second place choice – BUT NO! It’s convertibles. 1. Convertibles are … Continue reading

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Living Room Progress

The living room – or parlor, if you want to sound fancy – use to be horrendous. Literally, clutch your children close & shield their eyes because it’ll probably scar them for life awful. Blue, red, and yellow with laminate floors … Continue reading

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Trash Picking: Drive-By Style

Long story short, I met a friend/coworker down in my old college stomping grounds this weekend. After parting ways, I took a drive around the familiar streets to see how things have changed {not much}. It was the night before … Continue reading

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