On Re-Nest!

Last week was crazy busy for me at work so it was only recently I noticed a lot of hits coming from one particular site – Re-Nest! Which is awesome because I love that blog. So many great ideas for repurposing. Thanks Re-Nest!

Picture 18

It seems my little couch do-over made its way over as a quick & easy project. Taking off the skirt took me about 15 minutes with a good pair of needle-nose pliers and gave the couch a whole new look.

couch after

Of course the massive frame reconstruction wasn’t totally free. We used scrap plywood leftover from other projects but spent about $14.35 for 2 additional & 2 replacement legs {from this seller, if you’re interested}. Ok, so it was almost free. Since the couch was only $50 to start and I love the tufting and lines, $64.35 for a couch I love made the effort completely worthwhile.

Check out the entire project here. And thanks for the shout-out, Re-Nest!

{And for Annaa, in case you don’t recheck the comments – I got the gray nuLOOM rug from Gilt.}
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5 Responses to On Re-Nest!

  1. gatheringsgal says:

    Yay! Congrats! I love Re-Nest.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I used your idea on my $20 identical find (taupe colored) and added nail trim along the original skirt line (to hide the velvet wear). What a transformation! Thanks for the tip

  3. Your couch is awesome and definitely deserves the mention on Re-Nest. Taking off the skirting was brilliant–looks so much better. Love the color.

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