Ode to Convertibles

I’ll just come right out and say it –

When it comes to renovations and DIYing, convertibles are second only to pick-up trucks.

SUVs might seem like the obvious second place choice – BUT NO! It’s convertibles.

1. Convertibles are awesome. You feel cool driving one. They have that, “This wasn’t a practical choice but I’m loving it!” vibe. The only thing that might have more of that vibe is a motorcycle. But I ask you – Where are you going to stash that chair you swiped from someone’s trash on a motorcycle? You’re not!

2. Convertibles are practical. Despite feeling impractical, convertibles actually make perfect sense. They have the fuel efficiency of a small car with the cargo flexibility of a larger van, truck, or SUV. Don’t believe me?


BAM! 54″x27″x14″ console table. In my car. And I was able to put the top back up.

Sure, you have to get a little creative but it fits. Bruce wasn’t thrilled about being demoted to the back seat but he dealt.

Sad dog face.

Not impressed? Ok. OK! What about this??!


A 4’x5′ mirror. That would be – 4 FOOT by 5 FOOT. Fit that in your Corolla.

{Actually I have no idea if that would fit in a Corolla or not; I don’t know many cars.}

Sure I had to drive with the top down. And any airplanes flying over are probably glad it wasn’t sunny and reflecting back in their eyes. But I got it home. In the same number of pieces I purchased it in – ONE.


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9 Responses to Ode to Convertibles

  1. kmliving says:

    Everyone should try traveling topless!

  2. Eva says:

    I’m quite certain that my old ’88 mustang 5.0 convertible would have left me (and my furniture) high and dry on the side of road while it sputtered and died….sigh.

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. the mirror! I’ve been hunting for a smaller version for eons!

  3. I’m drooling over that mirror. I want one. Just like it.

    And, poor Bruce looks torked! 😉

    I can hardly believe everything we fit in my Prius. We don’t even bring the truck to HD if we need boards anymore, anything up to 8 ft. fits. 😉 SUV ShmeshUV. 😉

  4. Jill says:

    I. am. SO. jealous. of. that. mirror. ❤

  5. Holyoke Home says:

    Winning indeed! Impressive! Mr. Man has a Beetle and I have an A6. Guess which car can fit more Ikea crap in it?

    I refuse to answer.

  6. I hate not having a car that I can tote things I buy in. Having a utility vehicle would be nice but you prove that you can get things home in a pretty small car.

  7. webu66 says:

    I have a VW cabrio. I’ve fit CRAZY amount of flea market finds in my baby! LOVE her!!!!!!!

  8. Heya are you currently with Google Plus? Could be great to browse your future blog posts

  9. Yep, 100 % agreee. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

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