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Hello, friends. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Too long, perhaps. Maybe not long enough. I’ve wanted to come back but the timing didn’t feel right. Like taking those first steps into the diner you used to go to every … Continue reading

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Hello, New Favorite Appliance

Maybe it’s just me but this summer seems like it was WAY hotter than normal. Like steamy, melty hot. Prior to moving into this 1880’s rowhome, “home” was in a newly renovated high-rise building – complete with all the luxuries … Continue reading

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It’s DONE!!!!!!

You. Guys. So much good news to share I just have to spill. I’ll come back with deets next week about things like – 1. How my mother found a deep, top-mount sink that met my dimension AND budget requirements. … Continue reading

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What’s in My Pockets?

Put the finishing touches on the garden apartment {yup! Finishing touches!!} and I wondered why my pants kept falling down. These jeans aren’t big on me and yet I had to keep tugging at the waistband. Then it dawned on … Continue reading

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Working Windows Would Be Welcome

Our windows are crap. Plain and simple. {what the master bedroom looked like “before”} They’re cheap vinyl replacement windows that have outlived their usefulness and need to be replaced. Some don’t open. Some don’t close. Some have cracked glass. Seals … Continue reading

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Homegrown Lunch

I took a personal day today. The garden unit still isn’t finished and it needs to be. Like yesterday. After finally finishing a post for Glocally {my follow-up review of the Newark Boat Tour}, I decided to make myself some … Continue reading

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Multifunction Dog Toys

What do you do when you’re all alone and you need to move the dining room table back into the dining room and don’t want to scratch your floors? Why you use your dog’s toys, of course!! {“Why was it … Continue reading

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