Cooking Shirtless

It’s 6:45 on Tuesday evening and 90 degrees in my kitchen and I’m making spaghetti sauce. From scratch.

cooking spaghetti

Clearly, a logical choice;

standing over a hot stove
making hot food
in a hot house
on a hot evening
in a kitchen impeded by 128 feet of baseboards.

last night

But sometimes you just need comfort food.

And sometimes you just can’t stand the heat anymore so you cook with your shirt off.

Welcome to my life.

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12 Responses to Cooking Shirtless

  1. Eva says:

    So been there! In hot old houses I prefer to think that clothing is optional. I can’t tell you how many times Pete had come home and asked where my shirt was and why wasn’t I wearing it. That is why blinds were invented after all 🙂

  2. These pictures are just so awesome. Hilarious, but when you DIY what else is there?

  3. This is so funny. My favorite part is the shirt. Are you topless when you shot this photo?;)

  4. Brandi says:

    And there’s really nothing like pasta with homemade sauce for comfort food. I’m itching to make some sauce myself. The heat knocks me out by the afternoon though. You’re such a trooper.

  5. priscilla says:

    Theresa on Real Housewives of NJ made sauce in her garage. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing? Don’t get sauce on the baseboard!

  6. AMEN sister. Sometimes comfort food is the only thing that keeps me going another night. Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Design Love says:

    Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! lol….and spagetti, yummy!


  8. Lisa says:

    I’ve been there!

  9. Quinn says:

    You are crazy for sure, but home made sauce is so worth it…..

  10. First of all, the baseboard is just hilarious to me. BECAUSE I’VE BEEN THERE. Second, why did we not get a picture of this debauchery in action? Third, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT FABULOUS INDUSTRIAL SINK?! Love.


  11. wordyless says:

    I love your kitchen. It looks like home – even with all of the “extra” stuff in it. 🙂

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