What’s in My Pockets?

Put the finishing touches on the garden apartment {yup! Finishing touches!!} and I wondered why my pants kept falling down. These jeans aren’t big on me and yet I had to keep tugging at the waistband.

Then it dawned on me! Maybe there’s too much crap in my pockets.

What did I find crammed into my 5-pocket jeans (the very same ones I bled on a few days ago)? Let’s take a peek:

1 & 2) Needlenose pliers and wire cutters. I was installing (more) new outlets and that wire isn’t going to bend or cut itself.

3) Tape measure. I hate having to hunt for a tape. Clipped to my waistband or back pocket keeps it near & accesible. Sidenote – I keep the same one in my handbag. I mean, who doesn’t leave the house with a 25′ tape in their purse?!

4) Brown grosgrain ribbon. Originally purchased for the Succulent Shower, it most recently doubled as a leash for Bruce when I was too lazy to search for his actual leash.

5) Behr paint swatch clips. Snagged with a bunch of paint chips with the intent to make a deck. The paint chips are spread throughout the house – bedroom mantel, sink of the 2nd floor bathroom, kitchen island – and exactly zero decks have been made.

6) Car key. Clearly essential for all those supply runs.

7) Tea towel. For wiping caulky, dirty, grubby fingers. And sometimes sweat from off my brow. No ‘glowing’ here, just sweat. Gross.

8.) Square. Hanging a strip of hooks in the bathroom. Can’t have things go all cattywhompas.

9 & 10) Screw and wire nut. Used leftovers that haven’t been resorted or trashed.

11. Paint can key. Touched up the hook strip in the bathroom, spots of wall that got scuffed, & staples in the baseboards.

12. Pen. Just another all-around utility tool that I usually spend more time looking for than actually using.

13. My phone. It would be in the photo if it wasn’t taking the photo.

Man I feel lighter now!!

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4 Responses to What’s in My Pockets?

  1. KML says:

    Love that thought about cattywhompas….

  2. Holy cow, lady! I can’t even manage a belt most of the time because I feel like weighs me down!


  3. marie says:

    you said cattywhompas. i love it. hehe.

    i’m impressed you FIT all that in your pockets! way to go. 🙂

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