Summer TO DO List

It’s that time of year. Time for lists and lists and more lists.

I ❤ lists.

So. What’s on tap for the summer?

1. Finally finish the basement garden apartment.


OMG this basement has taken forever but this summer it’s going to get done

2. Finish the 2nd floor front room {of the formerly soundproofed variety}


There are several other things I’d love to do this summer – like paint the downstairs & the hallway, and finish the risers on the staircase. But if this first year of home ownership has taught me anything, it’s that things always take way longer than you’d like them to. Here’s to a summer with a realistic, manageable list! Hip hip hooray!

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3 Responses to Summer TO DO List

  1. Well, I can’t wait to see that apartment all completed. Aren’t you excited to get someone in to rent as well? MONEY MONEY MONEY!

  2. That front room has so much potential! Great bones!


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