Living Room Progress

Right before Christmas, I turned the living room into a Dexter style kill room so the ceiling could be primed with the paint sprayer.

That was right after a significant amount of prep work on the ceiling.








DSC_2879 DSC_0671

Since buying this house, I have gotten wicked good at spackling {if I do say so myself; which I do}. I hate sanding and doing it over and over and over but it is a necessary evil.



This was December 17, 2011 and Christmas dinner was a mere 8 days away. Wheeeeeee!!!!

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2 Responses to Living Room Progress

  1. Sana says:

    I commend you for taking on this renovation. Seriously, it’s incredible. We are considering doing the same with a brownstone in our neighborhood, but I’m just not sure we can balance it with our other responsibilities. Can’t wait to see more…

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