Almost Spring

The weather here in Brick City is one giant tease, oscillating between freezing cold, rain, and warmer, spring-like sunny days.

I, for one, am willing it to be spring. Yesterday I walked to work in boots but today I wore flipflops. About a block from the house I realized it may be just a smidge too cold for flipflops but there was no turning back {I was already late}.

I want it to be spring so badly. I have come to the obvious realization I hibernate in the winter. Projects happen slowly in fits & spurts of productivity. Most nights nothing of any significance happens at all.

I have been working on a super-secret crafty project for a friend but she reads this blog and it’s a surprise. It’s my first attempt of anything like it and I’m quite pleased with how it’s coming out. Excited and proud even. Unfortunately you won’t see photos until it’s done and in her possession. That probably wasn’t fair to tell you, huh? What a tease.

Sara at Russet Street Reno told me to quit being a “bum” and paint my living room ceiling. She’s absolutely 100% correct and I legitimately adore her candor. I hear her in my head every time I walk into the living room. {Or at least I hear a voice of what I imagine she sounds like because I’ve never actually heard her voice.} It’s still not painted but, Sara, thank you for the motivation. I say that with all sincerity and know it was meant good heartedly. The ceiling moves up the priority list.

In other news…

The office is just about ready for paint. That means the ceiling is spackled and sanded {3 times}, as are all the walls.

I have 2 more small patches of spackle to sand down and some scraping to do where I pulled up the obsolete telephone wire. Could have just left well enough alone and added yet another layer of paint to those cords but that seems pointless. {Especially when the jack was mounted to the window frame moulding.} Slowly but surely, all the telephone wire is coming out.

I think I’m going to paint the room Benjamin Moore’s Titanium. Currently trying to decided if I should prime first. It couldn’t hurt, I suppose.

Holy Cannoli there’s a new couch! Well, new to me. Bought off craigslist just in time to host Christmas dinner {YAY seating!}. Unfortunately the frame also broke during said Christmas dinner {whop whoppppp} and has been out of commission. Finally finished fixing it Monday night.

This really deserves a post all its own but man what a project that was! If 1) it wasn’t so cheap and 2) I didn’t like it so much – it should have been on the curb for bulk pick up. But I dig the upholstery and the cushions are in good shape. It needs a little re-working cause I ripped the skirt off the blasted thing, so the bottom edge it looking a little unfinished. I think a little nailhead trim would spruce things up nicely. Add that to the never-ending project list.

I have photos for you but they’re all on the camera. Eventually, my friends. Eventually.

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1 Response to Almost Spring

  1. Oh man, this is really funny! I had to read your post to my man and he loved it. By the way, I sound kind of like Kate Hudson with more nasal tone. Or maybe I just want to look like Kate?! haha

    I’m so glad you’re giving your ceiling some painty love.

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