Office Ceiling is Back!

Almost exactly 11 months ago, there was a little issue with the roof. Said issue resulted in black plastic trash bags taped to the ceiling.


Because the ceiling underneath looked like this –


The leak was fixed several months ago but the trash bags stayed just in case it wasn’t really fixed.

Turns out it was really fixed and the trash bags have been functioning only as a designer focal point, not giant funnels as was their original duty. Shockingly enough, the stalactites look didn’t catch on, so I figured at 11 months, it might just be time to move on.

I’m proud to say that the ceiling now looks like this –


Smooth & stalactite free.

After copious amounts of sanding & spackle, it’ll be good as new. Well, probably better than new because the roof doesn’t leak anymore. So ‘YAY’ to that.

Since I’ve been kvetching about getting this room cleared out to renovate, here are some more current shots.





The baby-poo brown doesn’t really float my boat but at least I can actually SEE it. A huge improvement over this not-so-distant-past look –


The only things left in the room is stuff that will be sorted into the filing cabinet & reno tools. Huh-zahhh.


Oh, and one incredibly bright pair of hot pink crocs. They’re easy to slip on & off {so the reno mess doesn’t get tracked all over the house} and I don’t care if they get schmutz on them.

{TWO Yiddish sayings in one post?! Not bad for a shiksa.}

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3 Responses to Office Ceiling is Back!

  1. Even though it isn’t completely clear, it still looks like you moved a lot of stuff out of there. The ceiling is going to look great when it’s finished!

  2. Ah, ceilings. So important. Glad yours is no longer a ‘bag lady’!

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