Living Room Light Inspiration

The ceiling may not be painted but I’m moving ahead with decorating the living room.

Foolish? Probably.

But let’s be honest – the thought of standing on a ladder with a 1″ foam brush, craning my neck upwards, dripping paint on my face, trying to get into all those nooks & crannies doesn’t sound like all that much fun. Soooooo…. maybe people just won’t look up.

Except… I may have found a reason for people to look up.

Let me back up.

The living room walls, baseboards & window/door moldings all got painted in a flurry of activity right before Christmas because everyone was coming over for Christmas dinner. I purchased a fugly-but-going-to-be-fabulous couch off craiglist for $50 {which has since broke and needs to be repaired}, slapped up a Christmas tree and called it a day.

Since then, I’ve slowly amassed pieces here & there that I want in the room. Besides the craigslist couch, there’s a gray rug from Gilt, brass pulls for the cabinet, a gold glass lamp from craigslist, new IKEA lampshade for my leg lamp, etc. Looking at everything together, I feel like things might be edging toward just a smidge too traditional and the current chandlier is really sealing that deal.  

old living room chandelier

Don’t get me wrong, in any other home or with any other decor I would think this just chandelier fine. Not really my taste but not offensively ugly or tacky. In fact, when we bought the place, it was probably one the nicest finishes in the entire house. It’s just not my thing and isn’t working for how I want the living room to be. {It is for sale, if anyone’s interested. Make me an offer.}

So what did I have in mind for the living room? Glad you asked!

Something more like this –

lindsey adelman chandelier

A little more modern, industrial, totally DIYable, weird {it’s ok, you can say it’s weird}.

Lindsey Adelman, a very well known lighting designer who designed this awesome Bubble Chandelier, has DIY instructions on her website in a section called “You Make It” for the above creation.

Total confession? I didn’t know who Lindsey Adelman was. I first saw a light like this over at The Brick House. Morgan tried her hand at Ms. Adelman’s instructions and came up with a little something like this

morgan's dining room 2
{The Brick House}

Which is awesome. So then I clicked through and found Lindsey’s glorious website. Here are a few more pics of similar chandelier –

le beouf chandelier
{from le bouf}

lindsey adelman chandelier 2

And all the parts are available online, mostly from Grand Brass, for totally reasonable prices. Oh the possibilities! The configurations! The customizing!

I may or may not have asked my parents to dig the old K’NEX set out of storage so I can make some prototypes.


And by “may or may not have“, I mean “I totally did.

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7 Responses to Living Room Light Inspiration

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes yes yes! I was just googling Lindsey Adelman lights earlier today to see how others have assembled them. I’m thinking I might try to tackle making the chandelier for our dining room.

  2. katie says:

    sigh… i saw that when morgan first posted about her diy light and was instantly trying to find a place in my house that needed something similar… then the husband told me i wasn’t allowed to start any more projects. so, i think that means you have to make it instead!! can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. I think that light would be perfect in your house. Oh, and paint the ceiling, you bum!

  4. Robin says:

    Love those lights. Looks like a fun DIY project. I say go for it!

  5. This is going to be amazing, Carrie. Can’t wait to see the K’nex mock-ups.

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