Nothing a little caulk can’t fix.

I have started on The Office closet.

The room isn’t cleared out and there’s still a giant hole in the ceiling to patch. But it’s all part of the great Office Redo of 2011, so why not just jump in with a nice easy project?

Theoretically, it’s going to just get a quick & dirty once over – remove the old hardware, throw a little caulk in the cracks, slap another coat of white paint on and call it a day. The room is literally 3’w x 2.5’d x 8’h and will mostly house a 5-drawer filing cabinet. A simple wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, done-is-better-than-perfect kinda job should do just fine.

Removing the old hardware ended up being more of an aerobic workout than anticipated. Which shouldn’t have been surprising with layers upon layers of paint covering the screws.

But “throwing a little caulk in the cracks”?????

Ha. HA!



DAP ALEX paintable caulk

Yup. 6 tubes of caulk, honey. SIX. In a room that might be 7.5 sqft if it stood on its tippy-toes and stretched its neck up real high.


This is why I buy caulk by the contractor pack.

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2 Responses to Nothing a little caulk can’t fix.

  1. Meghan says:


    Just about covers my response to your post. Crikey!! Here’s hoping your thumbs recover well.

  2. KML says:

    6 tubes does seem like a huge amount to use for a closet… but it’s done and done right! Yay!

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