Red Heart Necklace

Happy Valentines Day.

And yes, I’m THAT girl. You know, the one who wears green on St. Patty’s day {or orange if I just feel like being ornery} {even though I’m not really Irish}.

Red white & blue on 4th of July. Black & orange on Halloween. Red & green for the holiday party. And – of course – red for Valentines Day. With a heart.

And apparently I’m also the girl who posts pictures of her chest on the internet. So there’s that.

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6 Responses to THAT Girl

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Carrie! You are awesome. I usually forget it’s a holiday until I get to work. I’m ‘that’ girl.

  2. KML says:

    Happy Valentines Day….. Nice heart!

  3. kate says:

    HEY… i love you!

  4. hahahaha. that last line is hilarious. happy valentine’s day ( a day late).

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