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Office Ceiling is Back!

Almost exactly 11 months ago, there was a little issue with the roof. Said issue resulted in black plastic trash bags taped to the ceiling. Because the ceiling underneath looked like this – The leak was fixed several months ago but … Continue reading

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Cordless Staplers

Since I recently admitted to being 3 {very large} degrees away from wearing festive vests, I feel I need to balance that kindergarden-teacher-eque confession with something much cooler. Because apparently I’m also that girl who spends her lunch hour researching … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day. And yes, I’m THAT girl. You know, the one who wears green on St. Patty’s day {or orange if I just feel like being ornery} {even though I’m not really Irish}. Red white & blue on 4th … Continue reading

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Living Room Light Inspiration

The ceiling may not be painted but I’m moving ahead with decorating the living room. Foolish? Probably. But let’s be honest – the thought of standing on a ladder with a 1″ foam brush, craning my neck upwards, dripping paint on my … Continue reading

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Nothing a little caulk can’t fix.

I have started on The Office closet. The room isn’t cleared out and there’s still a giant hole in the ceiling to patch. But it’s all part of the great Office Redo of 2011, so why not just jump in … Continue reading

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Growing up, we were a strict “No Candles” household. No candles in the kitchen. No candles in the living room. And certainly no candles in our bedrooms. For some reason, my parents didn’t think the idea of us burning the … Continue reading

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Hard Candy Shell

The entire city pretty much looks like this – Everything has a thick, slippery, beautiful hard candy shell of ice. It’s very pretty on the railings and trees. Not so much on my sidewalk. This winter has been crazy with … Continue reading

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114 Items to Giveaway

It’s February 1st and that means January 2011 is officially over. Back at the beginning of the month, Kim inspired me to give away 111 items. I think the challenge was to just get rid of 111 things in 1/11 … Continue reading

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