I Just Bought This

In an uncharacteristic, completely impulsive, 90 second fury of see-MUSThave-click-creditcard-purchased.

Overheard on the Titanic
by Austin Kleon from here.

Artist Statement: Overheard On The Titanic is part of my ongoing series of Newspaper Blackout Poems: poetry made by taking an article from The New York Times and blacking it out with a Sharpie marker, leaving only a few choice words behind. This poem came from a theater review.

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4 Responses to I Just Bought This

  1. I love that. I just spent money spontaneously on Russian Red ‘Wonder Woman’ lipstick from M.A.C! And a couple other things from their site….doh.

  2. Ohhh, I may want to try this… framed and hanging above the computer, I think it would be awesome. It reminds me of these cutout books by Alexander Korzer Robinson. Which I also love.

  3. Debbie says:

    I almost made the same impulse buy. I love it!

  4. It may have been an impulsive purchase, but it’s absolutely brilliant if you ask me. You can’t let something as awesome as that escape.

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