Finally Some Pretty

After all that grossness yesterday, lets move on to something much more pleasant.


Since before we closed, there has been a planter that sits just to the left of our front stairs. It looks like terra cotta but is really some kind of styrofoam.

House pre-closing

We were told it belonged to us when we moved in, not the neighbors who’s property on which it actually resides.

And in the last year+ it has always looked like this –

dying planter at closing

Sad. Empty. Dead plants sticking stiffly out of the crunchy soil.

Sometimes a stray soda bottle would find it’s way in but that was the extent of decoration.

This weekend, my mother decided to change that. My parents rolled into town with a minivan full of flowers and 2 humongous bags of potting soil. HUMONGOUS! Like big-enough-for-me-to-use-as-a-sleeping-bag humongous.

mini van full of flowers

The dead remains pulled out in one giant piece, soil & all.

new potting soil for the container

The pot had a huge crack down the side. My dad & I used the biggest zip tie you’ve ever seen to cinch it back together and a little caulk seal the seam [don’t want any water or roots busting through!}.

newly fixed container gets 2nd life

Then Mom went to town doing her thing.

flowers in planter


Now don’t those look lovely!?!

While she was at it, a few more little planters got the VIP treatment as well.

ikea planter with white and pink petunias

The black 3-sided planters were picked up at IKEA for $9.99/ea and come with a saucer {item # 201.413.39}.

{Also picked up a purple watering can on sale for $0.49! And some of these in 4.75″ on sale for $0.29/ea!! TWENTY-NINE CENTS! The 6″ ones were one sale for $0.99/ea, I think. I ❤ IKEA sales.}

We’re rocking is sans-saucer. {Now that’s living on the edge!}

My mom found the rectangular terra cotta pot in my backyard.

marigolds and petunias

She did the window boxes that face the backyard too but I forgot to take pictures of those. They’re pretty. Impatiens & marigolds, I think.

We had 4 plants left over, so I asked our awesome neighbors if they wanted their window boxes dressed up too.

flowers for the neighbor's window boxes

Ain’t that purdy??

flowers after

Thanks, Mom!!! The paint may still be peeling on our porch but it finally looks like there’s someone living here that cares. I totally love it!

Now… if I can just keep things alive, we’ll be golden.

Do you garden? Or are you in the black-thumb club with me?

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5 Responses to Finally Some Pretty

  1. It looks lovely. And what a great neighbor you are to cheer up the neighbor’s window boxes. I do much better with plants in the group than those in pots. Mostly because those in the ground and retain moisture longer and I’m horrid about watering.

    Good luck! I know you can keep them alive. =)

  2. Just water them, Carrie! That’s it! Water them twice a day when it’s reallllly hot (like uh, now).

    You won’t kill them. I love the flowers your mom chose for the terra-cotta-ish planter.

  3. Brandi says:

    What a gorgeous transformation! Your front stairs look wonderful with all that color. I’d imagine it’s somewhat difficult to decorate a space like that but I love what you did.

  4. Forgive me, but once I saw your dad was wearing a Phillies hat, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Are you from Philly? Or just far enough south in Jersey to be out of Yankee territory? 🙂

    To answer your question, yes, we garden. Mostly vegetables, though. As for landscaping, I stick with perennials. I’m way too lazy to replant flowers every year.

    • My parents are far enough south and close to Philly but Newark is prime Yankees/Mets territory. I’m mostly indifferent but Rob is an avid Yankees fan.

      We grew up in the jersey burbs of Philly though. LOVE that town.

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