So How’d We Do??

We started the weekend with quite the ambitious TO DO list. It’s now Sunday night and boy did we get a lot done!!

So lets see where we ended up:



  • Get rid of sawdust Postponed. We have to sand joint compound, which will just make more dust, so we’re waiting.
  • Vacuum & wipe down ALL the walls, trims, moldings, bathrooms, etc…Ditto above
  • Clean Kitchen (I’m pretty sure the freezer is growing a lovely green carpet inside.) {{and I just threw up a little in my mouth.}} Done!! And what a project this was. We have the best mothers ever.

Master bedroom

  • Re-secure plaster to wall – In progress. Long story short, the plaster was so bad it couldn’t be repaired. Had to remove it & install drywall. I have pictures.
  • Spackle, tape, etc. – Also in progress.

Master bedroom walk-in closet

  • Re-secure plaster to wallDone!
  • Spackle, tape, etc. – In progress. Need to do a few more coats of joint compounding.


  • Re-secure plaster to wallsDone but not in the way we originally thought. Also had to install drywall.
  • Spackle, tape, etc. – In progress.

Dining Room

  • Re-secure plaster to walls – Not even started.
  • Spackle, tape, etc. – Also not started.

Garden Apartment


  • Wash ceiling & soffit of grossnessCHECK!
  • Move electrical (?)CHECK!
  • Secure gas lineCHECK!
  • Drywall back wallCHECK!
  • Putty, tape, sand, etcMOSTLY DONE
  • Trim base cabinet to size – Nope.
  • Paint cabinets white – In progress

Main Room

  • Fix hole in big wall near outlet (drywall, spackle, sand, etc) – Not started.
  • Add another outlet for TV – Not started.
  • Run cable for TV – Not started.
  • Clean brick – Not started.
  • Drywall over frame – Not started.
  • Putty, tape, sand, repeat? – Not started.
  • Spackle divots CHECK!


  • Tile bathroom floor out to back door – Mostly done!!
  • Paint inside of medicine cabinet – In progress!

While we didn’t get everything on the list done, we made a lot of amazing progress. Our family & friends really came through and worked so hard. We’d never be as far along as we are without them. We’re so grateful for their help.

Yellow Weekend TO DO

I’m going through all the pictures now. Loads of stuff to post.

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2 Responses to So How’d We Do??

  1. Eva says:

    Wow! You guys seriously rocked through that list for one weekend! I’m mucho impressed.

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