Yellow Weekend To Do

I spent the better part of yesterday making a complete, task-by-task punch list for every single step that it will take to complete our newly revised Summer Goals.

It’s a solid 2 pages, single spaced with 1″ margins. Then – due to my complete freakazoid color-coding nature – I color coded everything in stages. Yellow for this weekend, Lime for August 1-2, & Cyan for August 22-23.

THEN I copy & pasted all the yellows onto one list and all the greens onto another list and all the cyan tasks onto yet a 3rd list. So that I have a Master Multi-Colored List & 3 separate Per Weekend Lists. {{This is even more pathetic when actually put into words.}}

Oh well. At least I’m being honest. I like color coding. And – while we’re being all honest & stuff – what’s not to like?! You use COLORS to Organize stuff. It goes together like milk & cookies, peanut butter & jelly, chocolate & peanut butter, peanut butter & a spoon. {{What?? I like peanut butter.}} You get my point.

So here’s what’s going on  Yellow Weekend: July 17 & 18 (aka: right now)



  • Get rid of sawdust
  • Vacuum & wipe down ALL the walls, trims, moldings, bathrooms, etc…
  • Clean Kitchen (I’m pretty sure the freezer is growing a lovely green carpet inside.) {{and I just threw up a little in my mouth.}}

Master bedroom

  • Re-secure plaster to wall
  • Spackle, tape, etc.

Master bedroom walk-in closet

  • Re-secure plaster to wall
  • Spackle, tape, etc.


  • Re-secure plaster to walls
  • Spackle, tape, etc.

Dining Room

  • Re-secure plaster to walls
  • Spackle, tape, etc.

YAY power tools!! Securing all that plaster back to the lathe will involve getting rather chummy with a screw gun and some plaster washers. WHEEE!!! I’ll find any excuse to use power tools.

Garden Apartment


  • Wash ceiling & soffit of grossness
  • Move electrical (?)
  • Secure gas line
  • Drywall back wall
  • Putty, tape, sand, etc
  • Trim base cabinet to size
  • Paint cabinets white

Main Room

  • Fix hole in big wall near outlet (drywall, spackle, sand, etc)
  • Add another outlet for TV
  • Run cable for TV
  • Clean brick
  • Drywall over frame
  • Putty, tape, sand, repeat?
  • Spackle divots


  • Tile bathroom floor out to back door
  • Paint inside of medicine cabinet

The garden apartment is actually going to involve a significant amount of work in the “construction” phase. Which I’m also cool with.

Coming Up

Lots & lots & lots (did I mention LOTS??) of priming will be happening during the Lime Work Weekend: Aug. 1-2.

The Cyan Work Weekend: August 22-23 will involve a ton of trim painting, as well finishing off the garden apartment kitchen. Just in case any of you are wondering how to plan (wink wink nudge nudge).

And simply because I prefer to include pictures in my posts (way more interesting than watching me yammer on), I leave you with this picture I took of my completely adorable grandparents. They just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Congrats!! We love you guys!

Grammy & Pop-Pop

I can hear the collective “awww!” from here. I hope we’re as cute when we’re 90.

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3 Responses to Yellow Weekend To Do

  1. Dad "A" says:

    That is such a great shot of your wonderful grandparents. Your prowness with the new camera continues to grow day by day.
    Mom and I had fun yesterday (though I’ll be recovering for a couple more days!). Look forward to our next adventure in Newark!
    Dad “A”

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  3. Eva says:

    Adorable picture of the Grandparents! Mine made it to 67 years 🙂

    And man oh man do I love a good a list.
    it’s like #5 on my top 10 list of favorite things.

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