Kitchen: The Perfect Slabs


So Sarah is going to regale you with how “epic” her little tiled backsplash is?

All those perfect little white rectangles. That’s cute.

I see your lightweight, ceramic rectangles and raise you two giant slabs of soapstoney awesomeness.


drops mic

Oh you want to see more?


1.5 of these beefy slabs will one day (soon)(ish) be gracing my kitchen.


Drool away. I won’t judge. They’re my new favorite thing – ever – and are only possible because of my amazing, generous, wonderful, spectacular parents.

Soapstone has been my counter of choice for this kitchen remodel since before I started the project (in 2012). It’s gorgeous, dark, honed, velvety, period-appropriate deliciousness. Back then I had my sights locked on mostly the DIY slabs.

You can cut soapstone with normal woodworking tools and, from what I’ve researched, get very nice results if you’re careful when doing it yourself. The labor cost savings are pretty significant and the only way soapstone fit in my single homeowner budget.

The reality of managing slabs of stone ourselves was something I routinely downplayed and thought I had nearly convinced my father we could totally handle 800+ lbs of stone ourselves. Without breaking, miscutting, or generally screwing any of it up, of course.

I say “thought” because the holidays and my birthday brought cards with little slips of paper in them that read things like, “Good for 1 slab of soapstone for the nook” and “Oh heck. Good for the rest of the soapstone too.”

freak out gif

Excited. Humbled. Thrilled. Grateful. Looking forward to not killing my father’s back. All those things. So, let me – very publicly – say:

THANK YOU, MOM & DAD!!! You call it enlightened self-interest. I call it ridiculously generous and awesome. Tomato tomahto.

The mission continues to move forward towards counter install.

Last Week | This Week

Drywall is getting spackled and this thing is awesome.

It’s a drywall sander that hooks up to your shop vac. I would recommend using your shop vac and not, say, your normal household vacuum cleaner because you were – perhaps – too lazy to walk up to the 2nd story and bring the shop vac downstairs. The drywall dust may cause your household vacuum to suddenly shut off and stop working.

Granted, it’s not as awesome as this but only $26 and takes up a lot less space on my tool rack. I’m still totally thinking about buying that power sander though.

The 36″ base cab doors, drawer fronts & side panels are all getting painted.


The island is up next but can we focus on this for just a few more seconds?


Sigh. It’s so completely perfect. Now…if I could just buy a faucet already…

What have you guys been up to? We know what Sarah’s been doing!

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18 Responses to Kitchen: The Perfect Slabs

  1. Evelyn says:

    You went shopping- that’s all you did! Why do you think that is DIY dueling worthy? Very disappointed.

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  3. buttonwoodrun says:

    You’re welcome, Dear.

  4. kristin says:

    Love it! And you are giving Sarah a run for her money on the humor bit. (One reason I love Sarah’s blog.) I love your intro. and you do have some nice pieces of stone there but hey….subway tiles ROCK! You have wonderful parents. 🙂

  5. I totally wanted soapstone for my counters, too, but I went with a porcelain tile (12×24) that had the closest look to soapstone I could find. Not perfect, but not bad. Can’t wait to see your beautiful counters.

  6. Amanda says:

    It has been really fun to read about your project. Your dedication to working with the challenges a home as old as yours presents is amazing and I can’t wait to see more!

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  8. Kristen says:

    I love the soapstone! Bring on the templating!
    P.S. Is Evelyn for serious? Or is this friendly competitive banter? Cause you totally rocked the taping & mudding, and the painted doors are lookin fab!

  9. Hahahah. Mic Drop. Well played.

  10. Carla says:

    Did you build the doors for the cabinets also Carrie? They look great. The soapstone is fab and you must be beside yourself to be closing in on this kitchen.

  11. Kim says:

    I’m so jealous. There is simply more beautiful than soapstone.

  12. Kathy says:

    Just LOVE how the base cabinet color goes w the soapstone counter top! Looking forward to the next step!

  13. That is an amazing gift! You have wonderful parents.

  14. As a fellow Dad, I’d say you have a very smart father. We know when to pull out the wallet. The countertops will look great.

  15. Yea for soapstone! Will your parents adopt me? 🙂

  16. Ms Pink says:

    You can sand drywall and it goes straight into the shop vac? Mind officially blown! Must get one of those things, like, NOW!

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  18. Holy moley! That sander vacuum would’ve saved me so much anxiety about drywall dust all over my house!!

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