Soapstone Counters

I’m 90% certain I want soapstone counters in the kitchen.


Make that, 96%.

A natural stone, it’s incredibly heat-resistant (yay for hot pots) and nonporous. It changes from gray to black when oiled, which I love. It scratches easier than granite but it feels like a better fit for this house. Historically speaking, it’s been a popular choice in kitchens for centuries (especially soapstone sinks). I’ve done a ton more research and am fully aware it will patina over time, which is exactly what I want. Nothing in this house is perfect and shiny perfect counters wouldn’t feel right. I’m sure it’s not for everyone but it feels right for this space & for me.

Did I mention you can DIY it? Cause apparently you can.

Saturday, we took a trip to M. Teixiera Soapstone in Hackensack, NJ. From what I’ve read, they’re a pretty large soapstone distributor with multiple locations but their headquarters are a mere 30 minutes away from me. Awesomesauce.


There were so many different varieties but, because I’m on a budget & looking to DIY it, I stuck with mostly the precut DIY & sale slabs.


Below is “Piracema” and currently 50% off (so $15/sqft). Love the price. Don’t know that I love the busyiness of the veining.


“Rainforest Green”. Great dark green color with some brown/amber bits. Not currently on sale or what I’m looking for but still very pretty.


A full slab of “Barroca”. More the coloring I’m looking for (the dark charcoal) but this particular slab has lots of the cream/white veining. Also, it’s not a DIY piece, so I’d have to get them to cut it down to something more manageable.


A full slab of “Santa Rita Venta”. This slab had these amazing little pools of translucent blue-green. Looked more like granite to me than soapstone but still gorgeous.


“Black Julia”, which I saw actually as a very very dark green color. Consistent, slightly mottled, shimmery colors with not really any prominent veining. This was a fully slab, not precut DIY.


“Mumbai Gray”. A medium gray with slight veining. Very pretty. These are what the DIY slabs look like.


A DIY slab of “Barroca”. Dark charcoal; light white veining. “The classic soapstone.”


Obviously there are a ton of slabs to look at and they’re all different. This was a “just to look” trip, so I didn’t have them pull any slabs out or get super picky.

Here are some samples with the newly uncovered brick wall.

left to right they go – Mumbai Gray, Santa Rita Venta, Barroca, Black Julia, & Anastacia.

I’ve got favorites. You?

Also check out Brooklyn Limestone’s kitchen. It’s one of my all-time favorites. You can check out her counters here and here. I just learned she also got her counters at M. Teixeira Soapstone; small world.

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4 Responses to Soapstone Counters

  1. Emily says:

    Mumbai Gray and Black Julia, both seem to have subtle veining.

  2. Tanya says:


  3. We love soapstone too, but we’re nervous of the wear and tear leaving the edges chipped and surface stained. Lately we’ve been thinking about doing a black granite with little to no veining in a honed finish. This seems to give that soapstone look with the granite durability.

    If it were me, I’d be looking at the Barroca or the Black Julia. At any rate, it’s looking great!

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