Snow Day

Newark got hit with more snow, just like everywhere else along the east coast it seems.

Enough snow to get a snow day. And I don’t even have to work from home. {Thanks, Work!}

I love snow days. I think they are simple perfection. It’s lovely to have an unexpected weekday off {and not be charged a vaca day}.

But still I am conflicted.

Part of me wants to just enjoy the quiet pleasure of a lazy day. Sitting in bed on the heated mattress pad, scrolling through pretty pictures online with a toasty beverage.

But the other part sees today as an opportunity not to be squandered. There’s work to be done! Boxes to sort through. Possessions to be purged. I can hear my grandmother in the back of my head –

Let us now be up & doing!
With a heart for any fate
Still acheiving, still pursusing,
Learn to labor & to wait.

So conflicted, I have done neither.

The plows in the parking lot woke me up at 5:20am. At 8:30 the dog wanted to go out and eat breakfast. I putzed around doing nothing for hours until my stomach couldn’t take it any longer. Fixed myself an egg samich just like Dad used to make us on Sunday mornings growing up.

fried egg & cheese on a Thomas' english muffin


Maybe now with a little protein decisions will happen quicker. I’ll be ‘up & doing’ {‘up & doing’, ‘up & doing’, ‘up & doing’} instead of putzing.

Or perhaps I’ll get rid of 20 more items and crawl back into that heated cocoon of wonderfulness with toasty beverage. Yes. That sounds like a fair compromise.

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6 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Anne Hudson says:

    Your dad’s fried egg sammich was the bestest…
    My vote is to stay entombed -en burrito style- in fluffy bedheaven with toasty beverage… enjoy the snow day for all it’s worth. Trust me when you don’t get them you miss them…not even a monsoon is closing us down…so I will be envious of you all snug:)

  2. Anne Hudson says:

    I miss you too! Anytime you want to take a break from the snow, you always have a place in Hawaii:)

  3. KML says:

    Yeah for Hawaii!! Sounds almost as heavenly as that fried egg sammich…..

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