Urban Stalactites

This past weekend, we’ve been HAMMERED with rain. Hammered.

If you’re a super long time reader of Brick City Love, you may remember we got hammered with rain back at the end of July/early August and had the roof leak. We’ve had rain since but nothing like we got this past weekend. Everything was fine until all of a sudden it wasn’t.

Our home now has the latest trend in home decor –

Trash bag udders

Urban Stalactites!! YAY!!! Like 3 giant funnels for the leaking seam of the drywall.


Super classy, don’t you think? More pictures to come.

{And for those still waiting for the tufted headboard “How To: Part 2”. this week! Promise.)

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4 Responses to Urban Stalactites

  1. Meg Sewell says:

    What a nightmare!! I am so, so sorry! I hope getting everything straightened out and fixed will be as pain free as possible. There is nothing worse than a leaky roof!

    I’m sending positive vibes your way!

  2. This looks sucky. I hope the leak is easy and cheap to fix.

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