Valentine’s for 8

Yesterday we hosted our very first family holiday dinner at the house. It was an impromptu, organized via text message Saturday night kinda shindig but ended up being a lovely evening. We had 8 for dinner and I didn’t once make anyone pick up a spackle knife, electric drill, or paint brush. That alone is an accomplishment.

Since it was thrown together last minute, I just used whatever I could find around the house to decorate.

Rob made Paprika Hendl {Paprika Dracula, as I prefer to refer to it}. The dish was referenced in Bram Stokers’ Dracula. Jonathan Harker stops & has this for lunch on his was to Dracula’s castle.

It was a relatively easy dish to make. We just combined a few different recipes found via google to make something we thought sounded yummy. Maybe Rob will write up his recipe if you ask really nicely. 😉

For my pescetarian cousin, we made a separate version with a fillet or halibut; he said it was good.

For dessert we had my take on Rob’s MomMom’s Icebox Cake – Icebox Trifle.

It’s a super easy, make ahead type dish. I use fat-free, sugar-free Jell-O instant pudding {vanilla & chocolate fudge}. In a trifle bowl, layer:

  1. Nilla Wafers
  2. Chocolate Pudding
  3. Nilla Wafers
  4. Sliced Bananas
  5. Vanilla Pudding
  6. Nilla Wafers
  7. Sliced Bananas
  8. Chocolate Pudding
  9. Nilla Wafers
  10. Bananas
  11. Vanilla Pudding
  12. Chocolate Syrup drizzle on top

It was a simple, casual meal and a lovely way to spend Valentines Day. Thanks for coming, fam!

Don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten my promise for big reveals this week. Pictures must be taken. Soon, my friends. Soon.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

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6 Responses to Valentine’s for 8

  1. Mom Liv says:

    Dinner was delish and the decor was devine. It was so much fun to sit and celebrate Valentines Day!! You guys are wonderful!!

  2. So fun! That dessert looks absolutely fantastic. I love your comment about not making anyone pick up paint brushes! I think our families were afraid to come over in anything other than work clothes for a long time because they never managed to leave without being put to work.

  3. That dinner looks tasty! I think I could eat that whole trifle, right now.

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  5. Atik41 says:

    Dinner was delish and the decor was devine.Electric Fillet Knives I think our families were afraid to come over in anything .

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