Secret Project

Tuesday night I got word that Wednesday was going to be a snow day.

That’s one of the things I love about my job; we get snow days. And this adult LOVES herself some snow days.

With a random mid-week day off, I wasn’t about to waste it doing something practical like homework for my grad class. Nope. nope. nope.

A quick trip for supplies & I was all set to be snowed in.

Secret shopping

Doesn’t everyone go to Home Depot hours before a snow storm? I was lonely, so I brought the painting.

What do you think we did with our snow day? Any guesses? What would you do with a snow day?

{And I don’t want to get you too excited… but next week there might just be a big reveal of a certain project that’s been taunting me since September. So many surprises!!}

Have a happy Valentines day!!

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7 Responses to Secret Project

  1. MEA says:

    We went to Home Depot at 7pm for Wednesdays storm… does that count? So so sad. We were drooling over your dishwasher and wanted to see if someone could twist our arm into buying one to replace our +30 year old one… in the middle of our 20 inches of snow… SAD

  2. Kim says:

    Painting? You make me laugh that you brought in your painting. hehe….

    I was at HD for paint yesterday, actually. I’m painting a room today. YIPPEE!

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