Dia De Los Chili

It’s chili cook-off time! TOMORROW!

Back in high school, Rob & a few of this best friends entered a chili cook-off on a whim and won Best Tasting. A few years go, we started the tradition back up and have entered every year since. Some years we win something, some years we don’t. The categories are Best Tasting, Best Presentation, Best Overall, & Crowd Favorite.

Last year was a winning year.


The boys cook the chili & it’s different every year.


The girls make the cornbread nanapenos.


And create the display.


It usually involves R2D2 somehow because it’s made by Rob, Rob & Derek {R2D1}.



It’s serious business.

rob with pineapples


Here’s a little look at what went into our chili last year.

{You got mad video editiing skills, babe.}



Wish us luck!!

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3 Responses to Dia De Los Chili

  1. That looks like so much fun… I especially like the table decor!

    Good luck!!

  2. Dad "A" says:

    I think this year we go for the sweep (see how quickly I included myself)
    Tweak the recipe: Stew beef, ground chuck, ground pork and (are you ready for this……….) GROUND CHUPACABRA Now that’s a winning combination.

    Set the theme: Big Sombreros, Serapes, Big fake desperado mustaches, chest crossing bandoliers and oversized six shooters.

    Periodically, harmonically sing, “La cucaracha”, or “The Frito Bandito” song (even though it’s not politically correct).

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