How to Cut a Wedding Cake

Do you know how to cut a wedding cake? Or any round cake for that matter?

I’ll teach you.

1. If the cake is multiple tiers, you must separate them. This is easily done with a couple cake servers and extra pair of hands. Place each tier on its own cutting surface, so you can slice them separately.

2. Using a long, smooth knife, cut a circle in the middle of the tier {the dashed line}.
cake 3

3. Then cut slices up to that inner circle. Each slice should be about the width of your finger.
cut cake 2

You’ll be left with a cylinder of cake in the middle.

Lil & Brian - 273

Of course you can cut & serve the center just like you did the outer ring.

Or you could hoard it for yourself to devour with a fork and gallon of milk.

I would know nothing of that last option. Nothing at all.

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3 Responses to How to Cut a Wedding Cake

  1. Jennifer says:

    i would totally follow the “hoard and devour” method. (actually, i did at the wedding i catered in june!)

  2. Red Velvet? DROOL…Anyway you slice it it’s going to be perfection.

    Gorgeous cake and wonderful gifts. You rocked it.

  3. Interesting post. I honestly had no clue… especially since my eyes are always focused on the cake!

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