Cake Stand in Action

As promised, here are some pics of my cake stand in action from Saturday’s wedding.

Lil & Brian - 054

Unfortunately, the cake came on a huge silver SQUARE board.


Lil & Brian - 055

Oh well. It provided the perfect place to put the cake topper that was to big for the cake top.

Lil & Brian - 056

And the stand looked super cute when the cake was taken away to be cut & served.

Lil & Brian - 275

And yes, those are Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet favors {my other gift to the bride, as they’re her absolute fave}.

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2 Responses to Cake Stand in Action

  1. Quinn says:

    Krimpets – best wedding favor ever!

  2. Sara says:

    Wow, that cake is gorgeous! Your stand looks really cute, and served its purpose even with the huge silver square. Mission accomplished!

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